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Can your boss require two weeks’ notice? 

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Employment Law

You’d like to leave your job, but your boss has made it very clear that you are required to give two weeks’ notice. In fact, maybe they’ve even stated that there will be ramifications if you don’t. For example, your boss may have told you that you wouldn’t get your final paycheck if you didn’t provide proper notice that you were quitting.

Employees sometimes assume that their boss has a right to do this just because they are in charge of the company. But the truth is that they probably can’t require two weeks’ notice. They can only do this if you have an employment contract that you already signed, stating that you will give notice before you leave the job. If you have signed such an agreement, you are obligated to abide by it. 

However, most workers do not have contracts or formal agreements. They are just at-will employees, working at the business for as long as they want. Even if your boss tells you that you have to give notice, they have no authority to enforce that policy. You can legally quit at any time, including immediately leaving your position.

What if they retaliate?

The example above may not just be an empty threat. Your boss may try to withhold your final paycheck or retroactively reduce your pay for hours you already worked. They may claim they have the right to do this because it’s their business.

But they do not have that right. Your pay cannot be changed retroactively and you still deserve to be paid for that final pay period, even if you quit without notice. If your boss illegally retaliates against you, take the time to look into all of your legal options.