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Protecting The Rights Of Employees
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I was desperate for help when I went to Formisano & Company. I felt I had nowhere to turn. Attorney Formisano and his team were extremely professional, attentive and understanding. I was kept informed throughout the whole process and could not have been happier with the outcome. It surpassed my expectations!

Brian T.

While finding skilled, caring attorneys is often time-consuming (and frankly a task often requiring some luck), I want to express my utmost regard for the lawyer at this firm I’ve turned to on more than one occasion: Mr. Michael Pushee. Why am I so enthusiastic, you ask? The man consistently demonstrates the qualities I need in an attorney: legal prowess, accessibility and human empathy. In short, the guy is “the real deal.” And to think I “discovered” him on a Lawyers in RI website. Now THAT’S luck! And I am very grateful indeed.

Jay Allain

They are the very best lawyers on the world the planet … They comfort u. Ed, Mike, Nichol, Diane … love you all!!!!

hollie mello

My interactions with Formisano & Company began at a very difficult time in my professional life. The entire organization took interest in my situation and helped me to reach the most beneficial conclusion possible. They are a tremendously supportive group with the best interests of their clients as their priority.

Sue C.

I was very fortunate to find Formisano & Company. I had an extremely distressing experience at work and was looking for some reparation, some acknowledgement that a wrong had been done. Attorney Formisano and his team took my works, the description of my experience, and put them into commanding letters that made me feel both understood and championed. The resolution was exactly what I wanted. I doubt the company I came from will deal with it’s employees the same way again!

Sara W.