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How you can minimize your risk of retaliation from an employer

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | Whistleblower Cases, Workplace Retaliation

Employees in Rhode Island hope that the companies they work for conduct business ethically, honestly and professionally. However, those things don’t always happen. Fortunately, a whistleblower shines a light on illegal, unsafe, fraudulent or other activities that a person or business engages in. Unfortunately, these brave people can be at risk of their employers retaliating against them.

Be careful with using internal reporting channels

Almost every company has an internal department for employee reporting purposes. These departments can request that employees report information by calling, emailing or scheduling in-person meetings. However, these internal resources don’t always offer protection for the reporters in whistleblower cases.

Store evidence at home

Retaliation often occurs because employees or companies find whistleblowers’ gathered evidence. That’s why it’s smart to keep documents and other forms of evidence at home. A company can employ sneaky tactics to ensure it keeps business-related documents from whistleblowers.

Consider encrypted communication

Understandably, companies have trained employees to watch over their internal communication channels. It only takes a single alert or notification for a company to realize that someone’s trying to let their secrets out. You might prevent this situation from happening by encrypting your communications, especially while you’re at work. Some whistleblowers also use aliases to avoid companies directly identifying them.

Seek support

If retaliation is causing lots of mental and physical stress, there’s nothing wrong with seeking help from loved ones or in a professional setting from a therapist. Workplace retaliation is an illegal practice that some companies try to keep hidden. If you suspect you’re a victim of retaliation, it’s a good idea to document all of these instances as evidence against the other party.