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What are the three main types of weight stigma?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Workplace Discrimination

You might be aware that being overweight can cause various negative effects from a physical health standpoint. However, you might be unaware of the toll that excess weight can take on your mental health. If you face discrimination or bias based on your weight, you’re dealing with weight stigma. Weight stigma affects people throughout Rhode Island and the rest of the world.

Close relationships

As someone begins or continues gaining weight, it can place a lot of strain on this person’s romantic relationships. One study even found that when one party in a marriage feels the other is overweight, it can statistically cause more fights than normal between the couple. But these relationships aren’t the only ones that can suffer. Besides a spouse or significant other, people deal with weight stigma from family, friends and work colleagues.

Weight stigma in the workplace

It’s also common for overweight people to face unjust discrimination at work. For example, you might have all qualifications needed for a promotion. However, your manager gives the promotion to someone else who isn’t overweight. Another example of weight stigma could be a co-worker making jokes or asking invasive questions about your diet.

Healthcare environments

Unfortunately, overweight or obese people also deal with weight stigma while receiving medical treatment. An example of weight stigma in this setting can include a doctor or other medical professional being rude to an overweight patent. This situation also happens when these professionals blame all of a patient’s health problems on this person’s weight.

Weight stigma is a serious problem threatening the mental health of many people. If you believe you were the victim of weight stigma in the workplace, you might have the option to take the offending party to court.