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The costs of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Sexual Harassment

No one wishes to deal with abuse at work, but sexual harassment and assaults occur. Such things happen despite all the legal consequences a perpetrator may face. Sometimes, a Rhode Island company might have strict policies against harassment and abuse, but a manager could ignore them. Both the victim and the employer might then face significant harm.

The terrible effects of harassment at work

Sexual harassment victims could suffer in many ways, and some might find their careers suffer because employers may illegally withhold assignments or promotions. Others might experience a forced career change resulting from feeling unsafe in the workplace.

A victim may face extended periods of unemployment since leaving a job comes with no guarantees finding a new one comes easy. The new career might have a lower salary, which may negatively affect the person’s life.

Victims could suffer more than financial losses. Physical and mental health may decline due to anxiety, depression, and other issues. Victims might find themselves traumatized for years.

Harassment, employers, and consequences

Employers could pay a heavy price for any harassment at work, as civil consequences might follow. EEOC complaints and civil lawsuits may lead to financial judgments that impact the company. The publicity related to any sexual harassment cases could be devastating to the company’s brand and reputation. Customers may not want to deal with a business where harassment and assaults occur.

Companies with troubling reputations could find fewer talented employees who want to work for them. Employer turnover may rise, and replacing those employees might be challenging. Productivity and morale could suffer, delivering more problems.

Employers could find the legal costs are enormous. Spending huge sums on legal fees might not be enough to win a case, and the company may pay out significant settlements to end the litigation.