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What to do after experiencing workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination

Everyone in Rhode Island deserves the opportunity to excel at work. Workplace discrimination makes it impossible for you to get your fair chance. It does not have to define the rest of your life though, and there are steps that you can take now to help get your future and even your career back on track. 

Document everything 

While it might feel hurtful to hang on to emails, messages or documents that contain discriminatory messages, getting rid of them could hurt your chances of getting help. Instead, you should keep copies of anything that supports your discrimination or harassment claim. You should also keep a record of incidents as they occur, including writing down: 

  • Dates 
  • Times 
  • Who all was involved 

Reach out for help 

If your employer is engaging in discrimination and harassment in the workplace, he or she is violating the law. Speaking with an experienced attorney about your options is usually the best course of action for addressing illegal action in the workplace. While you might feel worried about reaching out for help, you should be aware that there is a time limit to take action. The statute of limitations for seeking legal action because of workplace discrimination can be relatively short. 

Filing an official complaint with the human resources department is an important step, but it should not be undertaken alone. Remember that HR is there to protect your employer’s interests. Instead, you will want to work with someone who has best interests in mind. You can learn more about getting justice for workplace discrimination and Rhode Island employment law by visiting our website.