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Tesla car company facing sexual harassment claims

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

Shortly after hearing news about the popular ride-sharing company Uber’s internal issues concerning sexual harassment, we are now hearing that the car company Tesla is also accused of widespread sexual harassment in the workplace.

According to a recent article posted by The Guardian, a group of women working for Tesla called “Women in Tesla” have recently spoken out about not only sexual harassment but missed promotions and mistreatment by males of authority at the company. The claim goes so far as to say that the company’s Fremont, California, factory should be considered a predator zone.

The company issued a statement saying that they have a no-tolerance policy and that managerial changes have been made and that policy and training is ongoing to improve the conditions at their workplace environments. They also stated that they will continue to have ongoing discussions to address the concerns of their employees and fix the problems.

A senior Vice President at an advancement of women in computer science organization says that in today’s workplace environment, more and more women are now willing to speak up and voice their concerns about issues in the workplace. If you are also experiencing sexual harassment, it is important to address the situation to not only protect yourself, but your fellow co-workers who may also be victims as well. Sexual harassment may include not only unwanted sexual advances, but worse work hours, demotions, sex discrimination or any form of hostile work environment. A victim may want to consider legal action as well, and may be entitled to compensation for the hostile work environment.

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