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Have you suffered any of these 4 forms of discrimination?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination

Race discrimination can have a variety of impacts. You may feel angered by mistreatment you suffered due to your race, or you may have even begun to think you deserved the negative actions toward you. You should never think that anyone deserves to withstand harsh and unfair treatment simply because of race. Therefore, if individuals have treated you unjustly, especially in an employment capacity, you may wish to explore your options for addressing the wrongdoing.

Individuals facing discrimination often utilize legal action in order to ensure that employers face justice and that applicable compensation gets awarded. When pursuing such a case, you will need to describe the actions taken against you that constituted discrimination.

Pay discrepancies

Though some individuals may receive a higher rate of pay or salary because they have additional qualifications or experience, you may have concerns if your co-workers receive more compensation for the same work and level of experience. If you and your co-workers do not share the same racial background, this pay discrepancy could point to a discrimination issue.


You may also have experienced discrimination if your employer subjected you to disciplinary action in a more severe manner than co-workers who have committed similar violations. Likewise, if you receive a demotion for no valid reason, you may wish to speak with your employer about your concerns, and if you still believe no reason for such actions existed, you may want to consider taking further steps to address the situation.


Discriminatory actions do not necessarily have to result in negative job-related effects. For instance, if your employer or co-workers create a hostile work environment, you may still have the ability to carry out your necessary duties, but you could suffer emotional or physical trauma due to racial slurs, offensive comments or physical actions. Though your work may not directly suffer, this type of situation still constitutes employment discrimination.


If your employer separates you from other workers or requires you to have limited contact with customers despite needing such contact to carry out your duties, this action could fall into a form of racial segregation. This type of action could take various forms, and you may wish to fully assess your situation to determine whether any wrongdoing has occurred.

Legal action

If you believe your employer or co-workers have mistreated you due to your race, you have legal options that could help you rectify the issues. Speaking with an experienced Rhode Island attorney could allow you to understand your options and how taking action could better your circumstances.