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Has your employer raised red flags regarding race discrimination?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination

Obtaining employment can stand as one of the most successful days of your life. If you work hard toward gaining your dream job, you may think nothing can stand in your way, especially when it comes to doing the job well. Unfortunately, some individuals might carry out unjustified and illegal actions against you that prevent you from obtaining that dream position simply due to your race.

You, along with numerous others, undoubtedly find the idea of race discrimination deplorable. However, even in today’s society, you could find yourself facing such discrimination in the course of your employment during the application process or even after you have obtained the job.

Indicators of discrimination

Regrettably, race discrimination could go on for an extended period before you detect it. However, certain actions carried out by employers or hiring staff might raise suspicion. Some of those indicators relate to the following:

  • Hiring – During the application and hiring process, questions regarding a candidate’s race could raise a red flag. Though these questions may come about in the context of affirmative action programs or related policies, race-related questioning could set a discriminatory tone, especially if the candidate in question does not obtain the position.
  • Discipline – Though every company has some form of disciplinary code, you may feel that you have faced unwarranted punishment. Your employer might have demoted you or even dismissed you from your job entirely without any true grounds. In such cases, you may believe that the actions were racially motivated.
  • Compensation – Unfortunately, wage gaps exist on a multitude of levels even when workers have the same skill sets and carry out the same duties. Paying a worker less without any valid reason could constitute discrimination.
  • Benefits – Over time, most workers find themselves in line for raises, promotions or other beneficial opportunities in the course of their jobs. However, some individuals could lose out on obtaining these benefits simply due to their race.

Of course, other actions could fall under the umbrella of race discrimination as well, including verbal or physical harassment.

Taking action

If you believe that your employer or a prospective employer treated you unfairly due to your race, you undoubtedly feel disheartened and upset over the situation. Luckily, you do not have to accept such an injustice. If you feel the circumstances warrant such action, you could pursue a legal case in order to address the wrongdoing.

In some cases, it only takes one person standing up for his or her rights to end such unseemly actions. Your circumstances might have led you to feel the need to act, and if so, you may wish to gain assistance in your endeavor. Consulting with an experienced Rhode Island attorney could help you understand your best courses of action.