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Sexual harassment claim by police captain is expanded

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2016 | Sexual Harassment

For workers in Rhode Island, the idea of being a victim of harassment might seem like a foreign issue that no longer happens. Unfortunately, problems with sexual harassment occur all too frequently. Even those whose jobs are designed to serve the public good and know how to defend themselves against dangers are not immune. Regardless of the circumstances, those who are being victimized need to be aware that they have rights. Considering a sexual harassment claim can serve multiple purposes including making the harassment stop and being compensated for the treatment.

A Rhode Island police captain who filed a lawsuit alleging that she was sexually harassed and discriminated against due to her gender is expanding the case so it will include a greater number of defendants. The judge in the case is allowing the changes to the case. Several new defendants have been named including three captains, two of whom are still on duty. According to the case, the captains moved forward with an improper investigation into the woman and did so upon orders from superiors. The investigation was based on her recording a superior officer, not telling the superior officer about another officer who was recording, and her advising the officer to keep track of events to be protected against mistreatment.

When she initially filed the claim three years ago, she said that the treatment she received was in violation of the Civil Rights Act in Rhode Island. It then alleged the Fair Employment Practices Act was violated. This new change is asserting that her First Amendment rights were violated. She says that the discrimination and harassment delayed her being promoted to captain and cost her a great deal of money. A preliminary claim seeking $1.25 million was made.

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination can occur in a multitude of ways. Those who are either subjected to it themselves or witness others being mistreated need to understand their rights to seek compensation through a legal filing. When there is a belief that any form of harassment is taking place, the first call that the victim should make is to an experienced attorney.

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