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Don't let your employer get away with sexual harassment

For many Cranston residents, a hard day's work can bring about many challenges that must be overcome. From dealing with unexpected problems that arise to addressing issues between coworkers, there is often no shortage of matters that must be handled on any given day. Unfortunately, many individuals have experienced unlawful conduct from their employer that goes well beyond the ordinary challenges one must confront at work.

What factors are examined to show a hostile work environment?

Many Cranston residents work hard at their jobs. Individuals can spend years, or even decades, building their careers. In spite of all of this hard work, employees may be very surprised to find themselves treated poorly, and unlawfully, by their employer.

The basics of whistleblower protection

Whistleblowing typically occurs when a current or former employee reports his or her employer for engaging in illegal or fraudulent practices. When engaging in this type of activity, an employee may experience discrimination or other negative treatment in the workplace. It is an employee's right to fight against such treatment by pursuing legal action.

What constitutes sexual harassment under the law?

One of the most fundamental principles of this country is equal treatment under the law. While Cranston residents believe that individuals should be treated equally, unfortunately this does not always occur, such as when an employer discriminates against an employee for an unlawful reason.

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