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Holding Employers Accountable For Workplace Sexual Harassment

The workplace should be a safe space, free from harassment by law; however, this is not always the case. Employees of all ages and genders have been sexually harassed by co-workers or supervisors. Incidents of sexual harassment can range from invasive comments to brash acts of physical harassment. The effects of sexual harassment are devastating and should never be accepted or tolerated by an employer. Incidents can result in psychological trauma and, in some cases, manifest into physical distress.

Victims of harassment often do not report incidents in fear of retaliation or termination. Workers are protected from employer retaliation by law. If you or a loved one has experienced sexual harassment at work, then contact our firm immediately.

Compassionate And Professional Legal Guidance

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms, including verbal remarks, offensive touching, quid pro quo ultimatums, leering or making inappropriate comments about you or about your sexual orientation. Additionally, an employer that tolerates such conduct in the workplace can be said to have created a hostile work environment.

A hostile work environment exists when the harassment is so bad that it prevents you from doing your job. A hostile work environment is not just an unpleasant situation; it is one in which you cannot function due to the level of harassment.

At Formisano & Company, we understand the severity of your situation. Harassment at work can impact your personal well-being and the future of your career. We handle sensitive claims professionally and compassionately. Our attorneys will listen to your experience and offer insightful and skilled legal counsel. We will explain your rights under the law. With our guidance, you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and hold your employer accountable.

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Our sexual harassment lawyers have over 40 years of combined legal experience. We handle cases as a team, with extensive attention to the issue at hand. Contact our office in Cranston, Rhode Island, to schedule a consultation with a lawyer right away. Reach us by calling 401-400-4402 or completing our convenient online contact form.