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When Unfair Becomes Unlawful Termination

Unfair termination crosses over the line into unlawful territory when an employer breaches a contract, a law or a constitutional right. A wrongful termination lawsuit can offer some relief for the lost wages, emotional distress and possible damages resulting from your employer’s illegal actions. Many people are hesitant to contact an employment law attorney because they were hired “at-will.”

Most employees are at-will in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. At-will employment means that a worker can be terminated for “no reason.” It is important to note that an at-will employee cannot be fired for an illegal reason. You may have been wrongfully terminated, even as an at-will employee. The attorneys at Formisano & Company can help you determine if you are eligible for a wrongful termination claim.

How To Determine If You Were Terminated Illegally

You may know that your employer terminated you unfairly, but you may be uncertain if it was unlawful. Contact an employment law attorney if you suspect that you were fired due to any of the following reasons:

  • Because you filed a formal complaint
  • In retaliation for filing a claim or lawsuit against the business
  • As a form of sexual harassment
  • Due to your age, gender, race, religion disability or sexual orientation

At Formisano & Company, we provide undivided attention to every case. We will comb through the details of your employment and termination with the company. An attorney will carefully review any employment contracts, employer policies and performance reviews to determine if any of the following issues occurred:

  • Your supervisor did not follow company policies when terminating you
  • Your employer terminated you for a reason outside of your employment contract
  • Your employer showed preferential treatment for other workers

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