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A top investment bank settles a sexual harassment lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment scandals continue to appear in the news, and many feel shocked upon discovering well-known business enterprises face claims. In December 2021, the financial entity Morgan Stanley settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with an employee, garnering public attention about the problem. News reports about the settlement reveal ways to address harassment through legal steps in Rhode Island and elsewhere.

Morgan Stanley & Company agrees to a settlement

A trading associate formerly employed by Morgan Stanley & Company filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging instances of inappropriate comments and touching, along with unwanted sexual advances. The plaintiff’s complaint noted he faced hostile treatment regarding his sexual orientation and religion.

Although the plaintiff filed the case in New York, the news reports gained national attention. Information about the lawsuit and its settlement may prove informative to those wondering what they could do if dealing with sexual harassment and religious bias at work.

Taking action against sexual harassment

A company’s corporate culture could become both insulated and toxic. Management may ignore an environment where sexual harassment occurs. That said, even when the company has serious anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, a manager or co-worker could engage in such behavior.

Even though state law requires any company with 50 or more employees to adopt a solid anti-sexual harassment policy, harassment may still happen. If so, a victim may contact the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights or the local EEOC office.

Sometimes, a company may try to discourage employees from coming forward, hoping to intimidate them. Threats of retaliation may lead the company into more legal troubles.

A lawsuit judgment or settlement could punish a company for its flagrant disregard for its workers. News reports detailing the financial costs may keep other companies from participating in the same behavior. Legal actions might even give a harassed employee closure over the situation.