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The impact of workplace bullying

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination

People usually hope that their work environments are peaceful and conducive to growth and advancement. Unfortunately, there may be some properties at work within the workplace that infringe upon an employee’s rights.

This may fall under the classification for workplace bullying, and in such cases, it may be possible to seek rectification through a discrimination or harassment claim. When not addressed, such bullying can have a serious negative impact.


Workplace bullying occurs when one or more perpetrators consistently target and mistreat one or more specific individuals. This may be physical; however, in the work environment, it is usually psychological. The perpetrators usually try to humiliate, threaten or demean the target’s character. Sometimes they may sabotage the target’s work and cause a delay or prevent the completion of work.

The effect

Repetitive workplace bullying can take a serious toll on the victims. In fact, a study shows links between workplace bullying and stress, anxiety, and other health issues related to stress. These conditions can strengthen and worsen over time, leading to the need for mental health treatment. The study states that in cases of workplace bullying, men are prone to exit the workforce altogether.

Addressing it

No one should have to endure bullying, which is why it is against the law. Therefore, employees may report the bullying to management. If it is a manager who is doing the bullying, employees should speak to a higher authority figure. In cases where a business owner is the perpetrator, it may be necessary to seek assistance from an attorney. Should the abuse continue, parties may choose to file a lawsuit. However, filers must make the filing within six months of the initial complaint.

Workplace bullying is a serious matter. Therefore, someone who faces such treatment should consider consulting with a knowledgeable attorney to weigh the possible options.