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Gender discrimination is more common for highly educated women

Discrimination can be difficult to pinpoint at times, spreading across a wide range of personal experiences. It can appear as snide comments or passive-aggressive remarks. It can also be clear as day, shown in position or promotion denials. Whatever the form, about 42 percent of working women say they have experienced gender discrimination at their jobs.

Major law firm facing workplace discrimination allegations

A major employment law firm which has at times received accolades for its treatment of women in its workplace is now facing serious allegations of systemic gender discrimination, particularly with respect to wage discrimination and unequal advancement opportunities.

At will employment a bedrock of Rhode Island law

Rhode Island law allows for none of the common exceptions to the rule of at-will employment that many of its sister states permit, and this means that employees in this state, if at all possible, are going to want to consider negotiating for some limitations on when they can be fired.

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