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Fighting unfair noncompetition agreements

A recent post on this blog reminded readers that Rhode Island law allows employers to put noncompetition clauses into their employment contracts. These agreements might prevent an employee from being able to work in his or her profession or trade after he or she leaves his or her current place of work.

Hollywood scandal spreads light on workplace sexual harassment

In the weeks since allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein surfaced, thousands of people have come forward with their own experiences. A number of actors and actresses have revealed accusations against powerful men in Hollywood. The recent social media campaign against sexual harassment, called Me Too, left millions around the world feeling empowered to share their own stories. Workplace sexual harassment is in the spotlight, showing just how prevalent the issue has become.

What is religious discrimination?

Religious discrimination is prohibited in the workplace which is why it is essential for workers to be familiar with their protections against religious discrimination in both the hiring process and in the workplace. Religious discrimination refers to treating an applicant or employee in an unfavorable manner because of the applicant or employee's religious beliefs.

Attorney General looking into sexual harassment allegations

Sexual harassment is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. Recent claims of sexual harassment in Rhode Island have drawn the attention of the state's Attorney General. A state representative recently spoke out about sexual harassment in the state legislature and the Rhode Island Attorney general has committed to taking action. The attorney general recently noted that he is looking into the concern.

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