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Uber in hot water over sexual harassment claims

The popular ride-sharing company Uber is facing very serious charges following allegations from an ex-employee of widespread sexual harassment and gender discrimination at their office in the San Francisco Bay area. The woman published a blog post talking about her time with Uber last year.

Trump to keep Obama's LGBTQ exec. order on discrimination

There has been much unease among many minorities in the United States during President Donald Trump's first month in office. With campaign pledges to remove many of President Obama's executive actions, many Americans feel that their rights may be violated. For the LGBTQ community, this was also a factor, as weeks ago there were rumors of drafts going through the White House that may affect their rights. The LGBTQ may now give a collective short sigh of relief, as the administration announced that it would not remove President Obama's executive order from 2014 which protected employees working for federal contractors from anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination.

Fight back against employer retaliation

You know that employer retaliation is illegal, but what can you do if you are a victim? Experiencing punishment for doing the right thing or exercising your rights is frustrating and intimidating, but you do not have to face it alone. One of the first steps to resolving this issue is to seek legal assistance from an experienced Rhode Island employment law attorney.

Amazon is facing racial discrimination charges against drivers

One of the largest online retail giants in the world is facing scrutiny after eight delivery drivers from the nearby Boston, Massachusetts, area filed a class action complaint against the company alleging racial discrimination. According to the lawsuit, Amazon's contractor, Miller Express, terminated the employment of dozens of drivers at the discretion of Amazon, following changes to their background-check policy that included a criminal background check, which was considered a discriminatory policy.

Sexual harassment extends beyond the obvious

Despite the many advances the United States has taken over the last few decades regarding the maintaining of rights and protections for Americans in the workplace, unfortunately, sexual harassment still is a serious problem for many. To make matters worse, the forms of sexual harassment that may occur while at work various greatly. So what exactly is considered sexual assault, and how can you as a worker, protect yourself from sexual assault while at work?

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