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Your Separation Agreement Options Explained

Whether you are planning to depart a company on good terms or otherwise, a separation agreement should be mutually beneficial. However, the jargon in these contracts can be complicated.

Our attorneys at Formisano & Company have the experience to guide you as you consider a separation agreement. When you need reliable guidance, call our trusted Rhode Island lawyers.

Is it possible to get a better package?

In many cases, yes. The first offer is often a starting point for negotiation.

Some of the possible terms to negotiate in your separation agreement can include:

  • The amount of severance payout
  • The timing of payments
  • Benefits such as extended insurance coverage
  • Noncompetition clauses, which may affect your future employment opportunities
  • Confidentiality and nondisclosure clauses

Before signing any employment agreement, it is a good idea to have a skilled lawyer review all terms and conditions. You should understand what the agreement could mean for your future – and take advantage of the opportunity to balance its benefits and drawbacks.

What happens if I sign the agreement?

Once you sign the agreement, you and the employer must adhere to the terms. This means that you may have to follow certain restrictions, such as not contacting former customers or working for a competitor.

That is why it is important to carefully consider the agreement before signing. Although your employer may give you a fairly abrupt deadline, it is important to talk to your attorney early after receiving the offer.

If I sign the agreement, am I able to pursue a claim against my employer?

Generally, signing a separation agreement will prevent you from filing a claim against the business in the future. The agreement might specify what types of claims would no longer be possible. However, you may also negotiate to hold your employer to the same limitation, preventing claims against you.

Review Your Separation Agreement With A Lawyer

Do not feel pressured to sign an agreement without first knowing what it truly contains. We can evaluate your employer’s severance offer to make sure you gain a fair deal. Contact our Cranston law firm by calling 401-400-4402 or sending us an email.