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What To Do If You Suspect You Have Experienced Age Discrimination At Work

Have you been fired or did an employer refuse to hire you on the basis of your age of 40 or above? Have you noticed younger coworkers being promoted or being given better office spaces than workers of your age and older? Whatever has led you to suspect you may have experienced age discrimination on the job, you are right to seek legal advice.

At Formisano & Company, we educate workers to help them understand their options when their rights are violated by Rhode Island employers. We have a strong track record in state and federal courts. Our clients have prevailed against Fortune 500 companies in a variety of employment discrimination cases. Our attorneys are available and highly qualified to evaluate your situation to determine whether you have a valid age discrimination complaint.

Laws That Protect Older Workers

According to the Rhode Island Fair Employment Practices Act, employers with four or more employees are not allowed to:

  • Discriminate against workers age 40 and above
  • Advertise age limits for employees
  • Refuse to hire, terminate or otherwise discriminate against older workers
  • Pay older workers less
  • Compel older workers to accept worse conditions than their younger coworkers.
  • Ask about or keep records about employees’ ages except when age relates to bona fide occupational qualifications or affirmative action.

At the federal level, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) likewise prohibits public employers and private employers with 20 or more employees from taking discriminatory actions against employees or prospective employees based on age. Have your experiences at your Rhode Island employer violated the state or federal law or both?  At Formisano & Company, you will find experienced employment law litigators who stand for your right to freedom from harassment and other forms of discrimination because of your age.

Don’t Just Suffer And Wonder What To Do; Learn About Legal Protections For Workers Your Age

If you are like most people, your occupation has been one of the most impactful parts of your life. Experiencing age discrimination can be humiliating, frustrating and costly. At Formisano & Company in Cranston, we are here to help. With more than 40 combined years of experience, our attorneys advocate for older workers who have been harassed, discriminated against or wrongfully terminated.

From law offices in Cranston, we advise and represent employees from throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. To schedule a consultation about your possible age discrimination experiences on the job, send an email inquiry or call us at 401-400-4402. We are devoted to protecting workers’ rights.