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What Is The Solution For Denied Unemployment Benefits?

If you or a loved one has been laid off or terminated, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. These benefits are designed to help you avoid financial peril while you search for a new job. Your eligibility for unemployment benefits is determined by state law. You can be denied unemployment benefits for numerous reasons, including:

  • Being terminated for serious misconduct
  • If you quit your job without good cause

Denied benefits will cause financial and personal stress. If you are seeking benefits or challenging denied benefits, then contact our attorneys today. We will walk you through the process and determine if you are eligible for an appeal.

You will be given a limited amount of time to appeal denied benefits. Contact an attorney right away to get started.

You May Be Eligible For An Appeal Hearing

Even if you feel confident that you meet eligibility requirements, the state must approve your application for benefits. If you are denied unemployment benefits, you have a right to appeal, but it must occur within a specific time period. If you wish to appeal a decision denying you unemployment compensation, it is wise to have a skilled employment law attorney. You may be entitled to an administrative hearing, which may be your only chance to present your case. Count on our firm to aggressively represent your best interests throughout this process.

At Formisano & Company, we assist employees who have been denied unemployment benefits. Our attorneys regularly represent individuals at appeal hearings before the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training. We understand that unemployment claims can be stressful or our clients. In most cases, our employment law attorneys do not charge a fee to represent clients in appealing a decision denying unemployment benefits.

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