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Former Uber employee alleges sexual harassment

Many Rhode Island residents spend a large percentage of their waking hours at the office and should feel safe there. Unfortunately, though, sexual harassment occurs more often than it should, resulting in a hostile work environment. This issue has hit the ride-sharing company Uber, which has recently been in the news for multiple incidents that have caused many people across the country to boycott the app and use Lyft instead.

Uber in hot water over sexual harassment claims

The popular ride-sharing company Uber is facing very serious charges following allegations from an ex-employee of widespread sexual harassment and gender discrimination at their office in the San Francisco Bay area. The woman published a blog post talking about her time with Uber last year.

Sexual harassment extends beyond the obvious

Despite the many advances the United States has taken over the last few decades regarding the maintaining of rights and protections for Americans in the workplace, unfortunately, sexual harassment still is a serious problem for many. To make matters worse, the forms of sexual harassment that may occur while at work various greatly. So what exactly is considered sexual assault, and how can you as a worker, protect yourself from sexual assault while at work?

News network reportedly settles sexual harassment claim

Fox News, a national media outlet whom many in Rhode Island have grown either to love or to hate, has reportedly entered in to a quiet settlement of a sexual harassment claim with one of its former reporters. This news comes on the heels of a separate sexual harassment scandal that brought down a leading Fox News executive earlier this year.

High-ranking law enforcement officer alleges sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can happen to the holders of a great number of jobs in Rhode Island. While there might be a perception that these types of behaviors occur in certain settings, they can even occur in forms of employment that are expected to be adherent to the law as a matter of course. Regardless of where it happens, sexual harassment is against the law. Those who are victimized by it have the right to protest and seek compensation through a legal filing.

Don't let your employer get away with sexual harassment

For many Cranston residents, a hard day's work can bring about many challenges that must be overcome. From dealing with unexpected problems that arise to addressing issues between coworkers, there is often no shortage of matters that must be handled on any given day. Unfortunately, many individuals have experienced unlawful conduct from their employer that goes well beyond the ordinary challenges one must confront at work.

What factors are examined to show a hostile work environment?

Many Cranston residents work hard at their jobs. Individuals can spend years, or even decades, building their careers. In spite of all of this hard work, employees may be very surprised to find themselves treated poorly, and unlawfully, by their employer.

What constitutes sexual harassment under the law?

One of the most fundamental principles of this country is equal treatment under the law. While Cranston residents believe that individuals should be treated equally, unfortunately this does not always occur, such as when an employer discriminates against an employee for an unlawful reason.

Sexual harassment claim by police captain is expanded

For workers in Rhode Island, the idea of being a victim of harassment might seem like a foreign issue that no longer happens. Unfortunately, problems with sexual harassment occur all too frequently. Even those whose jobs are designed to serve the public good and know how to defend themselves against dangers are not immune. Regardless of the circumstances, those who are being victimized need to be aware that they have rights. Considering a sexual harassment claim can serve multiple purposes including making the harassment stop and being compensated for the treatment.

Workers have protections against unlawful retaliation

Employers are not permitted to retaliate against their employees in any way. Protections are in place for workers to keep their jobs safe from workplace retaliation. State and federal laws provide protections for workers against retaliation in the workplace. Workers who have brought a claim for sexual harassment, discrimination or have acted as a whistleblower, and in some other instances, cannot be retaliated against and may have legal remedies to consider if they are.

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