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In the face of workplace challenges, protections are available

Workers suffering in an unsafe workplace and with sexual harassment are legally protected. A recent study of 3,066 workers finds that one in five workers reports experiencing a hostile or threatening workplace environment that can include sexual harassment. Researchers for the study reported concerns about the high number of workers who reported working in hostile workplaces. In addition, nearly 55 percent reported dealing with potentially hazardous conditions.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited

Sexual harassment is something that workers in Rhode Island workplaces do not have to tolerate. Sexual harassment violates both federal and state laws and is considered a form of discrimination in the workplace. As a result, workers should be familiar with what sexual harassment in the workplace includes and what can be done if they experience sexual harassment discrimination in the workplace.

Protecting workers from unlawful retaliation

Retaliating against a worker for reporting illegal and inappropriate activity in the workplace is illegal. Employer retaliation is prohibited by both state and federal laws. Employees should enjoy a safe work environment and not fear retaliation when a safe workplace has not been provided and is pointed out. Employees who have been unlawfully retaliated against for reporting sexual harassment, workplace discrimination or for whistle blowing enjoy important legal protections.

Businessman steps down after being accused of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment has been in the news a lot lately, with a number of high-powered CEOs stepping down after being accused of sexual misconduct. Justin Caldbeck, a Silicon Valley investor and the co-founder of Binary Capital, has stepped down after being accused of sexually harassing a number of female founders working in technology. Six women reported that Caldbeck groped them, sent text messages late at night and made unwanted advances towards them.

What waitresses really deal with on a daily basis

You may not think about it when you are in a restaurant, but the life of a waitress can be both grueling and frustrating. After all, dealing with hungry people is not always easy. They can be selfish, temperamental and downright mean. Even the comedy “Two Broke Girls” puts the difficult situations waitresses must deal with in a comedic light. So most people are oblivious to what waitresses must deal with on a regular basis, especially widespread sexual harassment.

Sean "Diddy" Combs sued for sexual harassment by former employee

Sexual harassment can occur in many different forms in any workplace environment. Many sexual harassment claims involve rich, successful people taking advantage of those who work for them. Because of their position of power, the person being harassed may feel obligated to put up with unwanted sexual advances just to keep their jobs. Some victims of sexual harassment in Rhode Island speak out in hopes of remedying the situation, but instead just end up with a pink slip.

Fox News launches investigation of alleged sexual harassment

Employers owe a duty to their employees to do everything they can to ensure their safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, some employers don't do enough to protect their staff. As a result, men and women all across the country have been subjected to sexual harassment at work.

Were you the victim of quid pro quo sexual harassment?

From a young age, your parents or other individuals may have taught you to respect people who hold positions of authority. You may have taken this lesson to heart and now try to remain respectful to individuals in such positions. However, you might question whether this approach applies to authority figures who abuse their power, especially when such abuse takes place on the job.

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