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What is an employment contract?

If you are considering a new job, you may be wondering what an employment contract is. If you already have an employment contract, you may have concerns related to enforcing it. In general, an employment contract is a written agreement between an employer and an employee. Most employment arrangements are at-will arrangements that do not involve an employment contract. In an at-will employment relationship, the employer can fire the employee at any time provided it is not illegal or subject to certain limitations. When there is an employment contract, the terms of employment are largely governed by the agreement.

Employment contracts and termination

When an employee works for a company, they are often required to agree to an employment contract. While employment contracts can be written out and signed by both an employee and employer, many companies use implied contracts instead. An implied contract can be a verbal statement, company memo, or employee handbook that specifies the details of the employee's employment. These contracts often include information such as start date, salary, and benefits. They may also include conditions for termination for employment.

Fight back against employer retaliation

You know that employer retaliation is illegal, but what can you do if you are a victim? Experiencing punishment for doing the right thing or exercising your rights is frustrating and intimidating, but you do not have to face it alone. One of the first steps to resolving this issue is to seek legal assistance from an experienced Rhode Island employment law attorney.

Terminated unexpectedly? Legal advice is important

Anyone who lives or works in Rhode Island probably dreads a summons in to the boss's or human resources office, knowing that the meeting could well end with having to pack up their personals and leave the building unemployed and in desperate need of some income in order to support his or her family.

Why employment contracts are important in Rhode Island

Employment contracts are important to just about any employee from any part of the country, including Rhode Island. When drafted properly, they clearly spell out what the expectations of both the employee and the employer are with respect to their relationship. The agreement can therefore help head off misunderstandings and disputes that could otherwise end with someone losing his or her job and then suing the employer.

What types of damages may be sought in a breach of contract case?

Business deals in Cranston these days are often cemented by more than just a mere handshake. More often than not, a contract will be drawn up, establishing what goods or services are to be provided and how the provider of those goods or services will be compensated.

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