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Help for those affected by an unfair workplace policy

A previous post on this blog discussed how a workplace rule can in some cases be discriminatory. For instance, if the effect of the rule is to single out people of a certain religious persuasion, race, etc., then an employee who wound up being injured by the rule can seek compensation and other relief.

Workplace rules can be grounds for a discrimination claim

A recent story that attracted national news attention may be of interest to Rhode Island employees who feel that their employers impose rules and other practices that violate the moral and religious principles. After all, what might seem on the surface like a well-reasoned rule may, particularly if it is applied without any flexibility, be the grounds for a religious discrimination or other workplace discrimination claim.

Women in finance experience the biggest gender wage gap

The gender wage gap refers to the difference in pay women and men receive. Despite having the same qualifications, positions and tasks, women tend to earn less money than men do. This discrepancy in payment is an example of gender discrimination in the workplace.

What constitutes adverse action in retaliation claims?

One fundamental tenant of this country's anti-discrimination laws is that an employee, whether in Rhode Island or elsewhere, has to feel free to report cases of discrimination when they see them. If they are afraid that doing so will cost them their jobs, then it is unlikely that discrimination will ever actually get reported or acted upon.

Gender discrimination is more common for highly educated women

Discrimination can be difficult to pinpoint at times, spreading across a wide range of personal experiences. It can appear as snide comments or passive-aggressive remarks. It can also be clear as day, shown in position or promotion denials. Whatever the form, about 42 percent of working women say they have experienced gender discrimination at their jobs.

Major law firm facing workplace discrimination allegations

A major employment law firm which has at times received accolades for its treatment of women in its workplace is now facing serious allegations of systemic gender discrimination, particularly with respect to wage discrimination and unequal advancement opportunities.

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