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Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are usually part of an employment contract or presented upon separation. These agreements prohibit an employee from working for a competitor or engaging in a related business after that employee is separated from his/her employer. A non-compete agreement will, generally, define the period of time for which the agreement will be enforced, limit the prior employee from engaging in certain activities with another employer, and provide a geographic restriction upon the employee. Historically, corporate executives, top sales representatives, and creative personnel were often required to sign non-compete agreements. However, today, employers require employees in various fields to sign non-compete agreements.

At will employment a bedrock of Rhode Island law

Rhode Island law allows for none of the common exceptions to the rule of at-will employment that many of its sister states permit, and this means that employees in this state, if at all possible, are going to want to consider negotiating for some limitations on when they can be fired.

How do stock options work?

As part of their employment contracts with new, upper level recruits, many employers in Rhode Island offer what are called stock options. While many executives and managers may be somewhat familiar with stock options, it may be hard to understand exactly what these are without speaking to an attorney or someone familiar with the world of finance.

Trust us to negotiate your severance package

Given the ongoing changes in the landscape of employment law, it is becoming more and more common for Rhode island employers and employees to negotiate agreements when an employee leaves a company, even if the departure is involuntary and under less than happy circumstances.

5 reasons to hire an attorney for a severance agreement

Whether a severance agreement is simply part of leaving your position, or you are seeking a significant package for years of dedicated work, the outcome will be important. It is good to note that there is a difference between severance agreements and severance packages.

Fighting unfair noncompetition agreements

A recent post on this blog reminded readers that Rhode Island law allows employers to put noncompetition clauses into their employment contracts. These agreements might prevent an employee from being able to work in his or her profession or trade after he or she leaves his or her current place of work.

The benefits and enforcement of employment contracts

Employment contracts can address important uses and benefits, but it is also important to know what to do if an employment contract has been breached. Not all employment relationships have an employment contract and, in fact, many may not. Many employment relationships are referred to as "at-will" employment, which permits an employer to terminate an employee for any reason that is not against the law and does not place restrictions on an employee, such as a non-compete agreement or non-disclosure agreement would.

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