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What's age got to do with it?

During their teenage years and in their early 20s, people often tell this age group that they lack experience to be good enough at something. Time goes by, you gain experience and then someone may tell you -- or at least make you feel -- that your age is now a hindrance to your success. There seems to be just one age group that is desirable to have in the workplace. However, Rhode Island and elsewhere prohibit companies from practicing age discrimination, right?

You can fight back against racial discrimination

It is illegal to discriminate in the workplace because of someone's race, gender or various other factors. Despite the fact that it is illegal, it still happens, and victims of this type of reprehensible behavior often do not know what to do to protect themselves and keep it from happening again. 

Protecting your rights after experiencing employer retaliation

Employer retaliation can take on many forms, and it is illegal in any form. When employees experience this type of treatment, they may feel unsure of how they should react and what action they should take next. Despite these reservations, any Rhode Island employee who experiences employer retaliation has the right to fight back.

Victims of sexual harassment can seek compensation

In Rhode Island and elsewhere, workplace harassment is a real concern as numerous people fall victim to it. While there are various forms of harassment that could land an offender in hot water, sexual harassment is a particularly significant issue. This is something that affects both men and women, and it is a problem that far too many employers may just brush off as no big deal. It is a big deal, however.

Have you suffered any of these 4 forms of discrimination?

Race discrimination can have a variety of impacts. You may feel angered by mistreatment you suffered due to your race, or you may have even begun to think you deserved the negative actions toward you. You should never think that anyone deserves to withstand harsh and unfair treatment simply because of race. Therefore, if individuals have treated you unjustly, especially in an employment capacity, you may wish to explore your options for addressing the wrongdoing.

Has your employer raised red flags regarding race discrimination?

Obtaining employment can stand as one of the most successful days of your life. If you work hard toward gaining your dream job, you may think nothing can stand in your way, especially when it comes to doing the job well. Unfortunately, some individuals might carry out unjustified and illegal actions against you that prevent you from obtaining that dream position simply due to your race.

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