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High-ranking law enforcement officer alleges sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can happen to the holders of a great number of jobs in Rhode Island. While there might be a perception that these types of behaviors occur in certain settings, they can even occur in forms of employment that are expected to be adherent to the law as a matter of course. Regardless of where it happens, sexual harassment is against the law. Those who are victimized by it have the right to protest and seek compensation through a legal filing.

Fighting gender discrimination in Rhode Island

Some people in Rhode Island may believe that blatant gender discrimination is largely a thing of the past. Unfortunately, gender discrimination continues to exist in many workplaces, especially in occupations that were traditionally male-dominated. When it occurs, victims can suffer serious financial and emotional damage.

Steps for addressing workplace sexual harassment

Facing sexual harassment in any capacity can leave you feeling traumatized. If you have endured such actions at work, you have several options for addressing the incident. Your employer has a responsibility to create a safe work environment, and, therefore, your first steps will likely involve filing a complaint with your supervisor and company. If the individuals in charge do not properly address the matter, you may wish to take further legal steps in order to right the injustice.

When is an employee entitled to FMLA leave?

As discussed last week in this blog, there are times in which Cranston residents must take some time away from work in order to address a medical emergency or family responsibility. While many employers do not offer paid leave, employees have employment law protections that must be honored by the employer under the Family Medical Leave Act.

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