Whistleblower Claims

For many people, the term whistleblower has a negative connotation. In truth, if an employee witnesses illegal activity or activities that threaten the safety of the public, the employee has a right to notify the proper authorities or his or her supervisor without danger of punishment. If you have suffered retaliation in the workplace after reporting unlawful activities, you need an experienced employment law attorney on your side.

When a company feels threatened by an employee reporting unlawful activity in the workplace, the company may take retaliatory actions. A company can retaliate against an employee by terminating his/her employment, denying a promotion, denying schedule change requests or showing preferential treatment to other employees. Under pertinent law, an employee cannot be subjected to retaliation for reporting illegal activities in the workplace. This protection also extends to employees who refuse to engage in such illegal conduct at work.

If a worker witnesses instances of employer fraud, government contract fraud or other activities that could potentially endanger the public welfare, the employee has a right to speak up. If you are concerned about your rights as a whistleblower or you would like more information regarding your legal protections, we encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible. The lawyers at Formisano & Company have a long history of success handling complex employment law cases. If you have been treated unfairly by your employer, do not hesitate to schedule a confidential consultation at our office.

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